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Football Club Barcelona: Barca

They are shouting madly and dying to have one look on their favorite footballers. These are the fans of the 2nd most valuable soccer team (According to Forbes) called Football Club Barcelona. Commonly known as “Barca”, Football Club Barcelona has Barca, Barca, Barca is on everyone’s lips whether they are fans, footballers, critics or rivals. Being the most supported teams of the world one should know about it properly that why F.C Barcelona is at top of the list among best soccer teams.

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Real Madrid Football Club (The Whites)

Talking about Real Madrid football club or any other club, you may think that how do people choose to support a specific club. In general the question is not so tough and it is very genuine to understand the love for football for the people.

If we talk about football outside Spain, the decision to support a specific team is really very tough. Some of the people don’t even know about the game completely and some learn gradually about it and they become plastic fans switching to teams according to the dominancy.

There is not a single human who don’t know about one team which is the beloved one of everyone and that is Real Madrid Football Club.

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Liverpool Football Club “The Reds”

When we talk about football we say it is incredible and unbelievable at one moment and full of passion and enthusiasm in other moment. In the world of football, Liverpool Football Club has a recognizable name.

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Manchester City Football Club (Men In Blue)

One word for football? Surely “Manchester City Football club”! Football has become the popular game on not only England but the whole world in the recent years. There are more fans of football in the world than any other game. This rising interest of soccer among the people has been due to the football clubs which are working for years for the development of soccer. One of the famous and vivacious team is Manchester City football Club. Let’s dig in the club who has annual revenue of €414.4 million.

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History of Manchester United Football Club

It’s been said that great things comes history and if you will learn from the past you will be successful. History of Manchester United Football Club is 136 years old. Earlier it was not known by the name as it is today, it was called Newton Health LYR Club and changed its name in 1902.

This club has seen many ups and downs in its history, they faced financial crisis, social and political pressure and even deaths of the whole team members. Let’s have look on the history of one great football club which has forced us to love football more and more.

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