History of Manchester United Football Club

It’s been said that great things comes history and if you will learn from the past you will be successful. History of Manchester United Football Club is 136 years old. Earlier it was not known by the name as it is today, it was called Newton Health LYR Club and changed its name in 1902.

This club has seen many ups and downs in its history, they faced financial crisis, social and political pressure and even deaths of the whole team members. Let’s have look on the history of one great football club which has forced us to love football more and more.


History of Manchester United Football Club


History of Manchester United Football Club From 1878-1945:

Since the formation of this club with initial name as Newton Health L&YR Club it started to play soccer among different railway teams and clubs. When they started to strengthen they became part of a football league named as the Combination which worked on regional level in 1888. With the passage of time, it also joined one more league named as Football Alliance.

By 1892, this club was strengthened enough to get separated from railway or L&YR and work independently as a separate entity so they found out new ground for the players which was called Bank Street. After this many people wanted to invest in this club and thus leading it to change its name to Manchester United F.C from Newton Health LYR in 1902.

Its success continued and the time came when it also won the FA cup in 1908 and after that the club decided to move into a bigger and better ground and in this way they moved to Old Trafford in 1910. Moving to Old Trafford became lucky for the club and it continued to won many other important matches. Due to increased expenses, this club was going to face bankruptcy but there are always people to help the drowning ones and once again MU was saved from finishing.

History of Manchester United Football Club From 1945-1969:

Team MU met a very firm and ambitious person named Matt Busby who changed the club by imposing many other positive things in it. He took the authorities of team selection, training g transfers, etc. Due to Busby the club won its first trophy in 37 years.

Busby also introduces the team of young and fresh players which were called Busby Babes and led team to the glories. In the same era, the club faced a tragic incident in which their plane crashed killing most of the team players and making the club sad. This incident was called Munich air Disaster and 23 people were killed in it making club empty and putting it in the most difficult situation. Facing the most difficult and painful situation, the club was again filled with new players in 1960’s and later it also won the European cup.

History of Manchester United Football Club From 1969-1986:

In 70’s the club faced some downfall and Busby was replaced. The team won the FA club in the same era realizing the whole world that it is no less than any other team around. This era faced managerial changing’s and low ranking problems for the team but they come back with a blast and won the FA cup thrice in this era with different time lapse.

History of Manchester United Football Club From 1986-2013:

Under the supervision of Alex Ferguson, MUFC won UEFA Super cup, League Cup, and Premier League. The team made its own recognition through hard work and performance throughout the world and the supervision and good management of Ferguson also gave a push to the team. In 2000 MUFC also won FIFA World cup Championship. After this the team’s success points increased and it won many other championships and leagues and made its own identity.

As Lou Holtz has said very well:
“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”
MUFC was not only having abilities but also a positive attitude to go through all the situations and make a great history.

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