Liverpool Football Club “The Reds”

When we talk about football we say it is incredible and unbelievable at one moment and full of passion and enthusiasm in other moment. In the world of football, Liverpool Football Club has a recognizable name.


History Of Liverpool Football Club:

Being formed in 1892 in England Liverpool Football club played its matches in the ground of Anifield. This club is 123 years old and holds a strong history. In 1914, the club reached the FA Cup with its struggle and hard work. After this success, it won many other leagues but it faced a tough time in the 1920’.
After this downfall, the Liverpool football club started to be in form again in the 1940’s. When Bill Shankly was appointed as a manager in 1958, the glories of Liverpool FC started. He reshaped the team and made strategies in his special room called the “Boot Room”. Bob Paisley was also beside Shankly to help team making its way open to the world.
It was due to Bill Shankly and Bob paisley that the club achieved more than it deserved in the 1960’s and 1970’s. it won 11 league titles 7 European titles in the same era. This was the golden time for Liverpool.
With perfect management and team’s intense efforts it won many other matches too. Its current manager is Brenden Rodgers and Fenway Sports Group owns this club with Tom Werner as the Chairman of the club.

Big Disasters:

Liverpool Football Club faces two big disasters in its history of 123 years. The first sad incident happened in Heysal Stadium, Belgium on 29th March 1895. Basically European Cup finals was going to played there among Juventus and Liverpool and due to the mistake of Liverpool fans 39 people were killed and more than 600 were injured when a wall collapsed on them. Due to this big tragedy all the English clubs were banned from playing the European club for five years and many 13 Liverpool Football Club fans were found guilty of killing people. They were even given severe punishments of sentences afterwards.
The second heart-breaking and tragic incident happened in Hillsborough stadium, Sheffield England on 15 April, 1989. FA semifinal Cup was going to happen there among Liverpool football club and Nottingham Forest. Poor police control made this incident took where many fans were crushed and died at the spot due to intense crown and breaking of fences. 96 Liverpool fans were died in this incident. Some people even blamed this on Liverpool football club fans but the authorities declared that they were not responsible for this hustle bustle it was all fault of the police who allowed more people to the stadium and was not able to control them. These incidents were declared the darkest hours in the history of football.

Liverpool Club’s Badge:

The crest of Liverpool FC is famous worldwide. It got many changes in it since its formation. But currently the badge has a liver bird in it and two rising flames on each side. Their anthem “You’ll never walk alone” is designed at the top of the crest. At the bottom, its establishment year is designed.
Liverpool Football Club Badge, Liverpool Football Club

The Kit:

Initially its kit was like the Everton but after that mostly their home color was red and no change was done in their home color. Up till 1964, players wore white shorts and red shirts but then Bill shankly changed it all to red.
Liverpool FC Kit, Liverpool Football Club


Liverpool FC has achieved some remarkable titles and these are as follows:

• 18 League Titles
• 7 FA Cups
• 8 League Cups
• 15 FA Community Shields
• 5 European Cups
• 3 UEFA Cups
• 3 UEFA Super Cups

Home Ground of Liverpool FC:

Anifield is the home ground for this club which is locate in England and has a capacity of 50,000 and above. Earlier this ground was used by the Everton but after 1892, Liverpool began to play here.
Home Ground of Liverpool FC, Liverpool Football Club


Liverpool provides many other facilities to not only players but also to its fans.
• It has an international Academy to train the football players. Anyone with guts of a soccer player can take admission in it and can make a start a professional career.
• The club offers very attractive hospitality packages.
• Their wedding packages for the team and squad members are so sweet that you will die to be the part of the team and get your wedding registered.
• They also offer credit card opportunities to its players.
• When the club wants to arrange a meeting with the players or other important meetings or even conferences, they also follow a conference or meeting packages.
• Their policies and rules with the partners and sponsors have made their ties stronger than ever.
• They have also made a club charter which is made necessary to follow by all the team members.
• They have also formed senior club personnel which is also beneficial for the club.


Liverpool’s main club sponsor is “Standard Chartered”. Its kit is supplied by “New Balance” and official training kit sponsors are “Garuda Indonesia”. Honda, Mono Group and Courts are acting as their regional marketing partners. Apart from this, the official sponsors are as follows:

• Subway
• Carslberg
• Vauxhall
• Vitality
• Dunkin donuts
• Gatorade
• Jack Wolfskin
• Maxxis
• Barbados
• EA Sports
• Konica Monilta
• Instaforex

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