Manchester City Football Club (Men In Blue)

One word for football? Surely “Manchester City Football club”! Football has become the popular game on not only England but the whole world in the recent years. There are more fans of football in the world than any other game. This rising interest of soccer among the people has been due to the football clubs which are working for years for the development of soccer. One of the famous and vivacious team is Manchester City football Club. Let’s dig in the club who has annual revenue of €414.4 million.



This club was founded in 1880 with the name of St. Mark’s (West Gorton) then changed into Ardwick Association Club and Manchester City in 1887 and 1894 respectively.

This club struggled hard to gain its place in the top teams of England and more than England around the globe. Earlier period of this club was not so stable and there were social, political management, and financial crisis all around. Though, from late 1960’s to early 1970’s this club got for what it was striving for. It won the FA Cup in the same era and some other league cups too.

After this shinning period of 60’s and 70’s, the club again faced a downfall and faced many problems. Management issues were resolved by changing the manager and old management techniques. By assigning a new chairman of the club many other issues were all resolved and hope for better future was clear. New big picture was made and players started to follow the vision.

By 2008, Manchester City Football club again gained its top position and became a well stable team. In the same year, this club was purchased by Abu Dhabi United Group by Chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak and they started with the selection of new capable players in the team.

With more improvements, the club was able to reach the FA Cup Finals in 2011. It was a great success for the club. After this the success of the club again started and it became the 5th team of football world to the Premier League and City’s first ever premier league success.

Club’s Badge:

The base colors of the club are white and blue. Its badge consists of a golden eagle and has taken the shape of coat of arms of Manchester City. It also contains a ship on its upper side which refers to the ship canal of the city. Moreover it also contains 3 starts at the top which are beautifully designed.

Manchester City Football Club Badge

Manchester City Football Club Kit:

Initially the club’s kit was of maroon color but after 1960’s the kit changed to red and black. Further changing’s were also made in different time lapse. Recent kit (2015-2016) of the club is in sky blue color with the addition of blue moon color too.

• Home kit consists of sky-blue color shit and white collar with Etihad Logo on it.
• Away Kit is of blue moon color with sky blue collar and Etihad’s logo.
• Third kit consists of light green color shirt with Etihad’s black-colored logo at the front designed by Nike.
Manchester City Kit

Etihad Stadium:

Manchester City Football club’s stadium is also known as Etihad Stadium is located in England and the club moved to it in 1910. This stadium is owned by Manchester City Council and after renovations and advancements in the stadium it has a capacity of 60,000 viewers at a time.

Etihad Stadium

Partners and Sponsors:

Manchester City Football club have not only great sponsors from the leading brands of the market but also ties very strong relationship with them. The club not only follows a sense of professionalism but also friendliness and honesty with them. These brands or companies also support the club in every possible matter for their owen publicity and marketing in return. The major partners are as follows:


• Nike
• Etihad
• TCA Abu Dhabi
• Arabtec
• 2stic
• T.M. Lewin
• iON
• Nissan
• Aabar
• LG
• Hays
• Vitality
• EA Sports
• Etisalat


Big step:

MCFC major step was when it opened City football Academy to support young learners from different areas so that they can pass on the legacy of soccer to the new talent. Not only males but females also join this academy for their professional career. Apart from this, this academy is not only for adults but for the kids too! So go get an admission there it’s not too late yet!

MC’s Products:

MCFC also sell their products like sports apparels and other products with their logo and badge on them. For the convenience of their fans, they have set up an online retail store. Customers can simply select any product, transfer money and the product will be delivered at their door step shortly.


MCFC has made many achievements; among them the most remarkable ones are as follows:

• 4 League Championships
• 5 FA Cups
• 3 League Cups
• 1 European Cup Winner’s cup


Why support MCFC?


If you are still confused with your favorite team then just relax. Focus on the unwavering fans that are more than mad for this club. They do support the club no matter what! We all support MCFC because:
• Vulnerable players are safeguarded by them.
• Safe environment for people
• Take care of government legislations
• Owns a memorial garden (open for public) so that they can revive the memories of their beloved ones by keeping flowers and cards for them. Aw! I love them for this!
• Raise thousands of Euros just for charities
• Performs public service projects
• Provide economical benefits
• Core importance s given to the players
• Academy is made for the training and professional career of new players
• Strong relationships are built with the partners
• Fan clubs are supported more than anything
So, stop being a “Plastic Fan”, decide and go for MCFC. Support it and love it! You have all valid reasons to love Manchester City.

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