Real Madrid Football Club (The Whites)

Talking about Real Madrid football club or any other club, you may think that how do people choose to support a specific club. In general the question is not so tough and it is very genuine to understand the love for football for the people.

If we talk about football outside Spain, the decision to support a specific team is really very tough. Some of the people don’t even know about the game completely and some learn gradually about it and they become plastic fans switching to teams according to the dominancy.

There is not a single human who don’t know about one team which is the beloved one of everyone and that is Real Madrid Football Club.


History of Real Madrid Football Club:


Real Madrid means royal. Founded in 1902, original name of this club is Real Madrid Club de Fútbo and it is located in Madrid, Spain. It is 113 years old with a huge heritage of legends in it. This club has become the highest earning football club with annual revenue of €549.5 million in 2013-2014. In 1950,s the club’s golden period started and they became unbeatable and the most strong club. Their success history is full of titles and honors.


Real Madrid Football club’s Squad:


Real Madrid C.F. has the best bunch of players around the world. Top of them is one and only, everyone’s apple of the eye, Cristiano Ronaldo.


Critiano Ronaldo is the world top paid footballer earning £288,000 a week (after tax). Real amount of his salary is £575,000 a week. But due to Spain’s 52% tax policy it is reduced. Ronaldo not only charity his amount for different organization but also helps different people facing unusual situations and are in need of money in real. Ronaldo is having a 6 year deal with Real Madrid which will expire in 2018.


Other famous names are also connected with Real Madrid like Keylor Navas, Kiko Casilla, Fernando Pacheco, Serrgio Ramos, Marcelo, etc.


Real Madrid Club’s Badge:

Real Madrid Football Club

The badge of this club is the world famous one. People recognize it quickly whether it is on apparel or any other product.


Since 1902, many modifications were made in the crest. It have the famous Crown on its top, have a mulberry-bluish stripe at the back and alphabets of M,C and F representing Madrid, Club and Football respectively with yellow color in the centre.


Real Madrid’s squad kit:


Basically Real Madrid’s home color is white but little modifications have been done throughout its progressing years. It is currently sponsored by Fly Emirates.

Real Madrid Football Club

Real Madrid C.F. Nicknames:

These legends are given many great titles but the most famous are:

• Kings of Europe
• The Whites
• The Vikings
• The Meringues

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium:

Real Madrid Football club is playing in the ground of Santiago Bernabeu stadium. This stadium was built in 14th December, 1947 and has a capacity of 85,454 people at a time. The name of this stadium is on the greatest legend of the club who acted as the president for a very long time and boost team’s position to the top.
Santiago Bernabeu stadium also has restaurant for the refreshment of its visitors.

Honors and Achievements:

Real Madrid Club Football has achieved many titles and honors throughout its history. Some of the greatest victories of Real Madrid are as follows:

• 20th century best club title in FIFA trophy

• 10 European Cups

• 1 FIFA World Cup

• 3 Intercontinental Cups

• 2 European Super Cups

• 2 UEFA Cups

• 32 LIGAS

• 19 Copas Del Ray

• 9 Spanish Super Cups

• 1 League Cup

• 2 Small World Cups

• 2 Latin Cups

• 18b Regional Championships

• 5 Mancamunados Trophies


Real Madrid Football Club provides a very wonderful opportunity for its fans that live other than Spain (Or even in Spain). Madridista is basically a membership card of Real Madrid C.F. by which one can enjoy different discounts and facilities related to the Real Madrid C.F. Currently, more than 700,000 people are registered for being a Madridista. This membership card comes in 3 forms.

1. Madridista Basic
2. Madridista Magazine
3. Madridista Special

All of these cards have different discounts, coupons and offers for the mad fans of Real Madrid. According to the card type, facilitates like discounted stadium tickets, restaurant discounts, loyalty prize, Hala Madrid online magazine, discounted tours, Real Madrid’s official newsletter, monthly draws for various tours and packages and so on.


Moreover people so want to be a Madridista because Cristiano Ronaldo is marketing this membership card officially on their website too saying, “Become a Madridista!”

Sponsors and partners of Real Madrid C.F.:

Real Madrid football club has made very strong bonded relationships with its sponsors for so many years. Its main sponsors are:

• Adidas
• Emirates

And those companies who are acting as global sponsors for Real Madrid are:

• Bwin
• Mahou
• Audi
• Microsoft
• EA sports

The regional sponsors of Real Madrid C.F. are as follows:

• Coca-cola
• Nivea Men
• Sanitas
• Samsung
• Solan De Cabras
• Uyuan
• Ooredoo

Real Madrid TV Channel:

Real Madrid Club also owns a TV channel which broadcasts all the matches, events and news related to club or its players. It is broadcasted in two languages i.e. Spanish and English.

Apart from this many movies have also been made on the club’s success history.

Why support Real Madrid C.F.?

There are many reasons to support Real Madrid Football club. IF you don’t know about Real Madrid then following reasons will compel you to know them more and more and to love them like you have never loved any team before:

• Real Madrid C.F. offers vast packages in their “Madridista Membership card” for their fans.

• Real Madrid has glorious history behind it.

• Creative games of Real Madrid stadium and its squad are offered for the kids who are great supporters of Real Madrid, as well as kid’s magazine is published so as to maintain their severe interest in Real Madrid.

• FIFA 16 game with more modifications is not there for those entire video games lover who want to play in real but cannot do so.

• Hospitality tickets are provided to the fans.

• Forbes Magazine declared it as most valuable soccer team in 2014 (Well, there must be something about it, right?)

• Promotions, draws, offers and discounts are provided on monthly basis to the registered members.

• Real Madrid Shop provides all the apparels and sports clothing for the fan club. Other items like training apparels, adidas boots, accessories, home ware, souvenirs, from babies to all age levels. These products are available online on their official website and are delivered within 1-4 days. Apart from this, customers can also order customized products.

• Real Madrid has official fan clubs in different areas like New York, Lebanon, California, Berna, Indonesia, Los Angeles and Morocco. More fan clubs are going to launch in coming days.

• Two official publications are carried on monthly basis names as Hala Madrid and Hala Madrid Junior for their fans and lovers.

• Team is of core importance in Real Madrid football club. They train them so well and their players are highly paid. That is why they play like nobody have ever played and are world highest paid footballers.

• They have maintained friendly relationship with their partners and sponsor. Many organizations are dying to sponsor Real Madrid.
I do not know how to convince anyone to support Real Madrid, I’m just an internet freak, a football lover and more than that a diehard fan of Real Madrid. If you will ask me what is the specific reason behind loving Real Madrid so much the answer will be “There is no reason”!! All I know is that I love Real Madrid because it is Real Madrid. No team is better than Real Madrid and no one can be. Convince me not to love Real Madrid, IF YOU CAN!

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