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PTV Sports Channel is a Pakistan-based sports channel under the network of Pakistan Television Networks. This sports channel was launched on-air on 11th January, 2012 and has become a successful and emerging channel of sports.

In Pakistan, when we talk about sports then PTV Sports name is prominent in digital media. PTV Sports Channel is not only famous in Pakistan but also in several other countries. There is not even a single individual in Pakistan who does not know about PTV Sports Channel.


PTV Sports Channel History:

The idea of television industry was introduced in Pakistan in the era of President Ayub Khan back in 1956. The first channel was PTV being introduced in 1964.

51 years have been passed since the introduction of PTV, and it has kept itself establishing and well expanded network. Being the pioneer of the television industry and the first channel of the entire Pakistani nation, PTV networks knew that a nation whose love lies in the sports will need to have one such channel where they can watch all the games and matches going on in the world. They knew from the very start that such an idea of a separate sports channel cannot be flopped in Pakistan where people are crazy for Hockey and Cricket.

So, with a lot of issues in this project, but with high aims, PTV Sports Channel was introduced in 2012. When it was launched, there were already some competitors in the television industry and it was though that this channel will not stand a bit and considered as a baby channel.

But PTV Sports programs and very sheer determination took the first rank. Beating all the national competitors, now PTV Sports Channel is also doing competition with some international channels. People just tune into PTV Sports Channel to watch the match of their interest.

Slogan of PTV Sports Channel:

PTV Sports Channel has a very beautiful slogan which is “Jeet hai Janoon” (Victory is Passion) and “Game on Hai” (The Game Is On).

Logo of PTV Sports Channel:

A very unique and attractive logo is owned by PTV Sports Channel. In the logo, sports is written in bold letters in black and in small letters and the letter “O” is a sports ball which continuously changes into cricket ball, football, basketball, baseball and tennis ball. This very unique and attractive feature is worth loving.

PTV is written in bold and capital letters in red just at the top left corner of “sports”. The whole logo rotates at its axis in clockwise direction hence making it a rare logo among all the television industry.

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Different broadcasted Sports:

PTV Sports Channel has broadcasting rights to show many games. Some of the games are as follows:

  • Olympic Games; almost all the events of Olympics.
  • Asian Games
  • National Games of Pakistan
  • Cricket: All major games and competitions of cricket like:

    ICC Cricket World Cup
    ICC T20 World Cup
    ICC Champions Trophy
    Ashes Cricket Series
    ICC Women Cricket World Cup
    ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup

  • Football: Many football matches are shown on PTV Sports Channel like:

    FIFA World Cup
    Barclays Premier League
    UEFA European Championship
    Football Association challenge Cup

  • Hockey:  Hockey is also the national game of Pakistan and is well coverage by PTV Sports Channel. Following matches are shown:

    Hockey World Cup
    Hockey Champions Trophy
    FIH Hockey World League
    Sultan Azlan Shah Cup
    International Super Series Hockey

  • Tennis: following major matches of tennis is shown by PTV Sports Channel:

    Australian Open
    French Open
    US Open
    Wimbledon Championships

Many other sports like;

  • Squash
  • Golf
  • Polo
  • Boxing
  • Heliskiing
  • Baseball
  • Taekwondo
  • Badminton
  • Climbing

With a wide range of sports being broadcasted, PTV Sports Channel has become popular in the entire world. PTV Sports Channel is not only promoting sports of Pakistan but international sports too. Continuous improvements and usage of latest technological advancements has forced billions of viewers to tune into PTV Sports Channel as compared to any other.

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